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This tool allows homeowners to see how property tax bills in their area stack up against other areas across the United States.
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Three-year data is currently only available for counties with populations over 20,000; for annual data, county population must exceed 65,000. Five-year data is available for almost all counties.
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This data is also available as ranked county lists here.

State: County: One-year data    Three-year averages    Five-year averages   
2010 2008-10 2006-10
2009 2007-09 2005-09
    2008 2006-08
2007 2005-07

District of Columbia is classified as a county for ranking purposes. It is not included in state rankings.
Each borough of New York City is classified as a county. New York County is Manhattan. Kings County is Brooklyn. Richmond County is Staten Island. And Queens County and Bronx County are of course Queens and the Bronx.

Source: Tax Foundation calculations based upon Census data (American Community Survey).
Data refers to median real estate taxes and median value on "owner-occupied housing units," as well as the median household income of units that are owner-occupied.
Each statistic has a margin of error (confidence interval: 90%) associated with it. This can be significant for low population counties with a small sample size. All counties for which any statistic has a margin of error equal to at least 20% of the estimated value are excluded from the rankings.

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