2011 Marginal Tax Rates Calculator  

This calculator and graph will show you what the marginal effect of changes in your income is on your 2011 income tax, such as the marginal rate on your top dollar of income.

To use, start by answering the questions below (Part 1). You can then choose a specific item to graph as a range (Part 2). This graph will show you how your income tax changes over this range, as well as the marginal rates on the item that you are changing.

Family of 5, Income and Payroll Tax from $0 to $200,000 in Wages
Single Graduate Student, $4000 in tuition expenses,
Income Tax Only from $0 to $200,000 in Wages

    Part 1: Basic Income Tax Calculation
Basic Questions
(blank boxes are assumed to be zero)
Filing Status
(select 'married' or 'head of
household' to claim dependents)
Number of dependents under 17
Number of dependents 17 or over
(including those in college)
How many dependents are college
Are you currently a college student?
Below, select "$" to enter a cash amount, or "%" to enter a percentage of the variable chosen in section 2.
Wages, salaries, and
self-employment income - Head
$ %
Wages, salaries, and
self-employment income - Spouse

$ %

Detailed Questions
(optional - for a more accurate estimate)
Additional Income
  Capital Gains (Short-Term)
  (Enter a loss as a negative number)
$ %
  Capital Gains (Long-Term)
  (Enter a loss as a negative number)
$ %
  Dividend Income $ %
  Social Security Benefits $ %
  Other Income $ %
  State and Local Income Taxes
$ %
  Real Estate Taxes (see note) $ %
  Other Itemized Deductions
  (such as mortgage interest paid,
  charitable contributions, and more)
$ %
  Child Care Expenses $ %
  Tuition Expenses $ %
Are you 65 or over?
Is your spouse 65 or over?
Force Standard Force Itemized Use Best

Exemptions Claimed:
Wages, Salaries, Tips:
Qualified Dividends
Net Capital Gains
Taxable Social Security Benefits
Other Income
Gross Income:
Tuition Deduction
Adjusted Gross Income:
Deductions and Exemptions
Personal Exemptions
Itemized Deductions
Standard Deduction
Taxable Income:
Regular Tax:
Alternative Minimum Tax:
Income Tax Before Credits:
Nonrefundable Credits
Child Expenses Credit
Nonrefundable Education Credits
Child Tax Credit
Refundable Credits
Refundable Education Credits
Earned Income Credit
Additional Child Tax Credit
Net Income Tax:
Payroll Tax:
Total Tax:
Part 2: Marginal Rates Graph

Range for : to  
Add to value above       Replace value above

 Taxes Owed
 Ordinary Tax
 Alternative Minimum Tax*
 *(See Note)
 Average Tax Rate
 Effective Marginal Rate

Include Payroll Taxes
in Calculation
Equalize Zeroes
Advanced options

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